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Journey or Nah

Born with hair and given the task to care for it without a manual, give me a break! You, beauty, were given the task of caring for your hair and your children's hair. I know you don't want to but don't fight it just embrace the task. So often I hear women talk about their hair in such a bad way. This crown that you have been given requires love and care just like you. Once your crown is adjusted you feel like the best you. This year I want each one of you to focus on being the best you, from your thoughts right down to your actions, you can do it! First things first, let me give you a check list to use and see if you need to start a healthy hair journey.

Is your hair .........

* Dry brittle and won't hold a curl

*Does it tangle bad when you shampoo at home

*Do you see excessive hair coming out when you comb

* Can you see through your ponytail

If any of these is something you notice daily, it is time to seek professional help to get you started on your hair journey!

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