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Half Way Through

Can you say "woohhoooooow", we are half way through this wonderful year of 2018! This is the time of year where we are traveling on vacation and wonder, what am I going to do with my hair? How will my hair perform once water touches it? What products should I use on mine and my childrens hair? These are questions that we all face every year when considering travel. This year I am here for it, yes you have a personal hair stylist that will make your traveling hair whoas easier. The best way to defeat any challange is to have a plan, execute that plan, and see the results. You are thinking "ummm Delrita what are you talking about", well first off ladies and gentleman you should have a hair professtional that you can get answers from. If you have a routine with your hair care it makes your travel whoas easier. Planning for products and tools is how you concur travel hair. . If you have any questions please email and I will do my best to answer them.

For the month of June come in a reciveve a "FREE" hair consultaion. By having the proper consultation, we can get your hair going on the right track, and you wont have any travel anxiety. Start today with your first appointment beautiful, see you soon!

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